A Challenge to Patriots

I’ve been seriously thinking about entering the political arena. I don’t know what office I would run for in reality, or where even to begin such a “campaign.” I believe that I am an honest and decent person, even though I know that my life is less than perfect. However, I’m beginning to believe that there aren’t enough honest, decent people who are willing to run for office. I have a sense that if those that have the offices now aren’t willing to take a stand for what is right, then it becomes my responsibility, and the responsibility of ALL decent, honest people to get off our complacent duffs, and get to work, putting things back together. And who can we really trust to do it well, and do it honestly, if not ourselves? And as far as my somewhat morally patch-worked past… I might think I’m a little too plain and boring to run for office. I mean, I’ve never used illegal drugs, I’ve never raped anyone, I’ve never given tacit approval or any approval for murdering people who might “know too much,” I’ve never driven drunk, hired or drowned a prostitute, I’ve never hired young boys or girls so I could molest them. I’ve had an affair, been divorced twice and I’ve had one speeding ticket, and I’ve been investigated by CPS numerous times, but always walked away clean in the end. I’m sure my family and I would be put through the wringer, but… What would I be willing to sacrifice for my country? And would the sacrifice be in vain, or, even if my attempt to gain an office to make a difference was unsuccessful, would my action serve even in a little way to encourage others to take up the gage and get to work? You see, I would be willing to serve in public office, to be a servant of the people, a servant of the Constitution but most important a servant of GOD, but more important to me than actually holding or serving in public office would be to encourage others to stand, to STAND and take up where our founders left off, and prove that we are worthy of the name “Greatest Nation on Earth.”

Why is it that only those with Harvard law degrees, or who have some sort of “claim to fame” should be running for or be in office? Why can’t plain people with plain people’s ideas and ideals serve to govern ourselves? Wasn’t Ben Franklin a plain man? Who was he but a printer’s apprentice? George Washington was man educated at home by his father and older brother, who’s main occupation was as a surveyor! Who were the founders but farmers, and tradesmen, and former military men? They were only heroes and founders because they had an Idea, a Hope, a Dream. They had Belief and Faith. And they were afraid, but they had Courage,. They had a core awareness of the simple fact that all people were born with rights to freedom and liberty that were given to them not by a king, a parliament, a president, or a congress. Our Founding Fathers knew that our rights and the rights of all people come to us as our birthright from our Heavenly Creator, our God who gave us ALL freedom and liberty. And the Idea, the Hope, the Belief, the Dream, the Faith, these were all the foundation of this Union of States that these Founders were compelled by their characters to stand firm upon, even unto death. I believe that those founders would look at us today and weep.

It seems almost as though there is an aristocracy in this nation, a ruling class, that “We the People” feel too intimidated to try to break into, and where those rulers don’t and won’t welcome the ordinary person, and will attempt to disallow We the Plain entrance to. We have become indentured, feudally bound, not by war, or violence, but by individual and collective complacency and a collective sense of being out-classed. And it galls me, frustrates me to witness that we as a nation have, in effect, elected a ruling class and made ourselves subjects to them. How can we believe and accept these foolish things? I believe We the Plain have a moral obligation, a sacred duty to ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, to break the strangle hold this pseudo-ruling class has on our nation, government, future, our very lives, and re-establish Constitutional Rule, State Sovereignty and please God, Common Sense to our government. So long as we sit, passive, complacent and helpless, we serve only to feed and fatten the beast that is our current government, to fatten the tyrants, as they look down their noses and sneer at We the Willing Sheep. This should outrage us! Turn off your American Idol and leave the athletes to bloody each other on the fields–we must wake up! We must remember who our grandfathers and grandmothers were. We must remember Who We ARE! The only people who can put a stop to this theft of our heritage, our present and our future is We the People; the strong, the sons and daughters of the heroes that founded, and built, immigrated to and expanded and defended with their very lives and to their dying breaths, this FREE nation for some 200 years. Something must change. WE Must Change! And it starts with you and it starts with me, and it starts in the heart and the mind of every individual. I must pluck the complacency and laziness from my own eye first, and get to work; I could no more call for others to work, where I will not than I could call for others to die where I would not.

I have hope in these United States, in the Peoples of these United States, so long as I have the ability to think, to believe, to work for the good of others. I have hope so long as I have Christ to lead me, and His holy example of servant-hood to follow. God save us, God guide us. Without Him, we have no hope in this life or the next!

When I posted this last evening, I stated that George Washington had been educated at home by his father and older brother. This is not entirely incorrect. Young George was educated in many things by his father, Augustine, who sadly died when George was but 11 years old. George’s older brother, Lawrence, did become a large figure in George’s development, and had tremendous influence upon him, although I have not found any information that would suggest that he made any efforts to formally educate the young George Washington. I have read any number of sources, and not many of them pay much attention to where or how George Washington was educated as a boy. I intend to keep reading, as learning about this individual, and as many of the people who created the Union of States we now live in, is of great importance to me. The only reference I have found to young George’s early education as of this morning, I found in a book effectively written by George Washington, compiled from people who knew him personally, and from his own letters and journals. The Writings of George Wshington; being his correspondence, addresses, messages and other papers, official and private, compiled by Jared Sparks, published 1837. In my mind, the most trustworthy sources are those that can be found from as near the lifetime of one’s subject as possible. George Washington died in late 1799. This man undertook to prepare this book beginning in 1827, with the journals and notes of George Washington, which had been stored at Mt. Vernon, and given to his nephew upon his death, and enjoyed speaking with George’s family, peers and contemporaries. I’d daresay this is a very reliable book in regards to the life of George Washington. According to Mr. Sparks, George Washington did attend a local grammar school until he was about 16 years old. George Washington began his career as a surveyor at the time he left school, and pursued this as a private business man for three years, before being appointed a county surveyor at age 19.

It may seem silly to correct such a little thing from an essay that wasn’t even focusing upon George Washington specifically, but mentioned him only passing. But it is to me, extremely important to be accurate in what I say. And, in truth this information about the early education of George Washinton really serves to reinforce my point. His education did not, as most young men of the ruling class of his day, include being shipped back to England to attend Oxford. He, like many young men, left public schools (which were vastly different from anything our children enter today, labled “school”,) and began his career, based upon what he had learned in school, and what he had been able to teach himself. It was because of his trades-skill, his knowledge and intelligence and most importantly his character that he rose so quickly to become a well known military man, and because of his early education and knowledge of the land through his profession as a surveyor, that he was one of the chief military heroes of the Revolutionary War.

George Washington was not born into a ruling family. He truly was just an ordinary man! But he had and stood upon his character. What could you or I do, if for the good of many, were we to band together, and stand upon the best burning embers in our own characters, with the strength of right and God our Father,and Stand Firm for one another, for our children and our Union of States? Look out world!

“For this reason, take up the whole armor of God so that you may be able to take a stand whenever evil comes. And when you have done everything you could, you will be able to stand firm.” Eph 6:13

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