A Very Meaningful Chace Encounter

This is going to be a very short entry. I had a little accident yesterday evening, and I’m not feeling up to finishing my next work in progress. But I wanted very much to thank someone I ran into yesterday, because through this unplanned meeting, I felt at once indebted, and encouraged to take on the struggles ahead of our nation.


It just happened that while at a shop in town with Richard and my oldest son, Louis, Richard was having a chat with a man who had been in the same battalion Richard had been in at the time he left the Army. An older lady with bright blue eyes and a lovely smile listened while they talked, and after that other former soldier walked away, she began speaking to Richard. I finished my business, and came to join them; at first I only listened, but it wasn’t long before I joined in too.


Mrs. S. related to us that she has tremendous concern for the condition of the country today. She spoke briefly about being a child during the Great Depression. She told about when she was a young lady finishing high school, pretty much everyone from school was gone, serving in the war (WWII). She told about how her husband served in the European theater, and her brother the Pacific. She told us how her brother had been shot down over Hong Kong harbor, and had very nearly starved to death in a Japanese POW camp. She spoke briefly about how so few came back, but she didn’t dwell on it. I remarked that if Americans don’t wake up and get to work, then we would be dishonoring the sacrifices that every person who has ever served in any war for the defense of freedom in this country and the world. And she said something then that is so true and so important. I hope that it strikes a chord in your heart and in your mind, as it did in mine.


“Well its up to people of your generation now. We’re too old, we can’t do it for you anymore. The young people today are going to have to do something, We just can’t do it ourselves anymore.”


I wonder folks, if our grandparents and great-grandparents would look at the way the U.S. is now and feel like their sacrifices were in vain? If they could have looked into the future to see what we’ve allowed to be done to the country they defended with their lives and well being, would they still have gone, and given everything they had to give, so that we, their grandchildren, and great-grandchildren could let ourselves be anesthetized and enslaved by our government. Would they have fought then, to watch us giving up more and more of the freedoms they fought for and defended, in exchange for numbness and tax credits and a warm, fuzzy, feel-good sense of social justice?


Even with all of that taken into consideration, I believe with my whole heart, that this Greatest Generation would have fought and defended their freedoms and our freedoms, even as fiercely as they did without that futuristic foresight. Because they had the understanding of what they were fighting for, even if we, their far over privileged progeny have forgotten. And I know that they would hope that there would be enough of their progeny left to remember what they fought for, to take the risks, and make the stands necessary to weed out the diseases of complacency and fear and over-pampered indifference. They would pray to their Heavenly Father that there would be enough of our generations to lead and encourage our fellow citizens to truly SEE what is going on around us, to ignite the spark of the Spirit of Liberty that has lived within the American personality since before Ben Franklin said “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Pennsylvania Assembly: Reply to the Governor, Tue, Nov. 11, 1755: http://www.ushistory.org/franklin/quoteable/quote04.htm


Thank you Mrs. S. You were an inspiration to my day. And thank you, and all those who like you served and sacrificed for our freedom. People of today’s generations, we need to get to work; we can’t let them down!

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