We are ALL Qualified

I’m reading a book published in 1896 right now, called A Catechism of the Constitution. Already in 1896, when our Union of States was barely past it’s century mark, it seems that there was a mindset in the people that there were those who had a “right” to govern. This way of thinking, encouraged by those who valued power and esteem, had taken away the power of the states and moved it to the centralized federal government; an action that was never intended by the founders. (There were factions of course who supported a powerful centralized government in the framing, but they were out voted.) By the time of this publication in 1896, there was also a mindset that plain old, every day citizens were not fit to rule themselves, and there had already been something of an established ruling class in America. (Sound familiar?) The author, (John W. Overall) compared it to the monarchies of Europe, and asserted that we had been meant to live in a Republic, not a monarchy! Even then, the ordinary citizens who ran for office were laughed and poo-poo’ed away as loonies or cute, but not to be taken seriously. The behemoth has only grown, and that mindset has been rooted in our minds until We the People no longer feel that our government belongs to us, and in many ways, I think the career aristocrats ignore voting time, because they know it’s not really going to have much affect on the great, over-reaching power of the beast that is our government.

I personally believe it is time to completely shake career politicians out of our Capitol, and our Congress, and let the average every day citizens manage our central government again. Servant leadership was what the founders had in mind, and they were following the example of their Lord. In the Federalist No. 57, James Madison wrote: “Who are to be the objects of the popular choice? Every citizen whose merits may recommend him to the esteem and confidence of this country. No qualification of wealth, of birth, of reliegious faith, or civil profession is permistted to fetter the judgement or disappoint the inclination of the people.”  You and I and any person are just as qualified as any Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Sarah Palin, George Bush (Jr. or Sr.) or Ronald Regan. People need to remember that and learn to believe it again! That lack of knowledge and probably more importantly BELIEF!–is what is holding us back. Yes, the liberal media will smear us and both the liberal and conservative career politicians will scoff at our “quaint” efforts, but Ladies and Gentlemen if we will shore one another up, support those who are willing to truly be servants to take on the beast, I firmly believe we can succeed!

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