Little notes…

July 17, 2017

First day: April 6, 2017. Time in program: 14 weeks, 4 days

Lost before surgery: 38#   Lost since surgery: 22.9#  Total lost: 60.1#

  1. Splenda, although I find it the most agreeable of artificial sweeteners is off the table. As a sugar alcohol it can have very similar effects in the body–like the tummy and membranes of the intestinal tract–as sugar itself does. Candida growth doesn’t sound positive. Stevia is the new fake sweetener of choice.
  2. S H O W E R: Never take this for granted. Being able to wash almost alone is wonderful.
  3. The scale can be a messenger of good or ill. The news you receive is not the scale’s fault, however much we might sometimes want to shoot the messenger. Today’s news was stunning in a good way!
  4. I’m not and have not yet been hungry.
  5. Ask for help. I told my husband and daughter my fears. They jumped up and went to work to try and find solutions for my worries. They found some. I’m not worried. Asking for help is an amazing gift to one’s self and to others. Empower the people you love. Consider what you need. Ask for solutions. Allow them to help you.

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