The Notions

I am married, mother of 7 (3 biological, 4 by marriage) I am the wife of a combat disabled Iraq War Vet. I am so proud of him, I look up to him, I admire him. He is a decent and honorable man down to his toenails and I love him more every day. He is truly my hero.

I am a Christian–at least I try very hard to be every day. Some days I do better than others.

I am NOT a Republican. I am a Conservative–I’m maybe even a little right of Conservative.

I believe in the notion of adhering to the original intent of the documents that founded our nation on paper, and not in “revisionism” or “evolving” our basic governing documents.

I home school the three children who are home still. Their education is my most important task.

I play the piano, I fiddle with the violin, I pick at the mandolin. I used to play clarinet, but I can’t anymore. I do play other wind instruments, like the bass recorder, and penny whistles. I’m learning the Celtic harp at this time… I love it. My next musical project will be the uilleann pipes.

I was born in a tiny town in Northern Michigan (the Upper Peninsula) and grew up in a tiny town about 30 miles north of that. My folks and I are descended from plain old, ordinary families, mostly Irish, and British types, with a smattering of Scandinavian and German thrown in, even a smidgeon of French, who came to the Colonies and were known as leaders, sailors, colonial soldiers, “Long hunters”,  others as preachers, as politicians, and others as plain old dirt farmer and migrant fruit pickers. They trekked from Plymouth Plantation to Tennessee, to Texas, to Kansas and Oklahoma, and to California. I’m very much in love with this country, and it’s history, and I revel in learning about my ancestors’ place in that history. I don’t want to see the country that my forebears labored to develop torn down to satisfy the whims and tantrums of a bunch of whiny, greedy brats. As my forebears stood, I’m ready to do the same. I’m trying to teach my children to stand up and be citizens their ancestors could be proud of.

I sing in church, I used to sing in choirs (don’t have time anymore) and have enjoyed some formal and informal voice training.

I am a reasonably good photographer. Unless it’s quite obvious, assume the pictures here are my own photos. (I’ll try to remember to post a note if they’re not mine)

I sew, knit, crochet, tat, and embroider. My most recent and wonderful acquisition is a Singer Futura CE 350 Embroidery machine and I am thoroughly enjoying learning to use it.

I have suffered three major head traumas, two from accidents, one from an assault. I do have permanent brain and damage and a diagnosed TBI. My eyesight is catawampus and will be, and the nerve damage in my head and face is annoying, but it makes for some really funny expressions from time to time. I have number of other health problems that keep me from being able to return to full time work. That’s really o.k.; my kids make up about 3 full time jobs any way, so I’m not hurting for activity.

I am never a victim. I AM a SURVIVOR.


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